Photo by: Paul Cristina

A room of my own – in the UK!

I am so thrilled, and so honoured to have won the inaugural Di Yerbury writer’s residency presented at the Society of Women Writers literary festival at the NSW State Library on Saturday. Generously donated by Professor Yerbury, the residency will give me three months quiet research and writing time in the historic and beautiful North Devon town of…

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Why I wrote I, Morgana

I wrote (and published) the Shalott trilogy almost 15 years ago, but the legend of King Arthur and the doom of Camelot stayed with me through the years while I wrote the Janna Mysteries, A Ring Through Time and several other novels.  I’d become fascinated with ‘the wicked witch’ and ‘the jealous bitch’ (ie Morgan…

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Dream Big, Read Often

Melissa Wray has just posted a new interview (with me) on her blog Dream Big, Read Often. It’s very generous of Melissa to offer me the spot, while answering interview questions is always fun and often quite challenging! Please check it out:  Thanks Melissa!

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