Photo by: Paul Cristina

Morning tea with the stars!

And what a star-studded event it was, with the zany Oliver Phommenvanh as host along with the wonderful library staff who contributed so much to the success of the event. Antonette had the audience playing dress ups and adding appropriate sounds to her Demi Chat mystery; Mark Thommason illustrated perspective with pieces of string (now…

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Morning Tea with the Stars!

Tuesday 10th July at 10 a.m. at Warringah Mall Library on the Northern Beaches, Sydney – please drop in to the library for morning tea with Oliver Phommavanh, Toni Brisland, Mark Thommason and me, talking about our books and answering questions about reading, researching and writing! I’ll be talking about Ghost Boy, Wally the Water…

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My Life as a Time Traveller

This article has now been published in Write4Children, the journal of the University of Winchester, see link: and click on Vol 3 Issue 2. I spent some time in Winchester while researching and writing The Janna Mysteries, and I loved my visits there, walking in Janna’s footsteps. In those times (1140s) the royal treasury…

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