Photo by: Paul Cristina

back home again

Just returned from three weeks in Indonesia and an adventure holiday that included visiting Borabadur (ruins of a Hindu temple) and dodging volcanic eruptions near by; being tipped into the sea while cruising around the Spice Islands and also snorkeling around marvellous coral gardens and seeing a sea snake, a manta ray, a white-tailed sting…

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Janna update

Just back from a wonderful time researching and exploring Norfolk Island, but more of that in another post. More important right now is to let readers know the latest regarding the last two Janna Mysteries. Unfortunately, Random House Australia has now said a final no to publishing the last two books in the series that…

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Hi all,Just a quick update before I fly over to Norfolk to research Hearts in Chains – really looking forward to it, and will be doing plenty of talks and workshops with the school while I’m there. So it’ll all be a really good learning experience. Many thanks for all your queries and comments re…

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