A Ring Through Time

A Ring Through Time

It was heart-warming to see so many friends and to have their support at the launch of A Ring Through Time at Paul Macdonald’s wonderful Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft.  The birth of a new book is always exciting, and it was great to have this opportunity to talk about the inspiration that led to this story, and also about my research into the fascinating history of Norfolk Island – a most beautiful place but with such a very dark past.   My thanks to you all for coming, and to Paul for hosting such a lovely event. And to all those who bought copies of my novel:  I really hope you enjoy reading this ‘ghostly romance’!


  1. Oh Felicity, I’m so glad yesterday’s launch went well, and sorry I couldn’t make it. As you know, I am at present giving birth to a new play, and this is a long, complicated birth…

    Felicitations and congratulations again – at least I was able to come to the sneak preview launch last of ‘A Ring Through Time’ last month and have my lovely specailly signed copy. Waiting to read it when my play-baby is born – what a treat that will be!

    • Hi Wendy,
      I absolutely understand, and I really hope the writing/rewriting & rehearsals and everything else is all going well; it’s marvellous that there’s such an interest in your play – and fantastic that there’s going to be such a celebration of the Blaxland Crossing and everything that it meant to the settlement of Oz. More power to your elbow and ink to your pen! May the muse be with you, and good luck (or should that be break a leg??)

  2. Hi felicity,
    i’m Agnes, you could call me as your fan…..
    but anyways I loved the book ”A ring through time”
    it was amazing, it was tooooo good to stop reading. I’m happy your books has launched itself on the shelves of the libraries and book shops, for it’s one heck of an amazing novel.
    plz reply

    • Hi Agnes,
      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to A Ring Through Time – I am absolutely delighted that you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to write to me about it. It was such an interesting novel to research, and a great joy to write (even if I did get tearful on occasions!) All the best, flick pulman.

      • I was almost to tears in some parts as well…..
        Looks like you’ve had fun researching about Norfolk Island
        I would love to have you come to our school as a guest speaker, for we’ve got a book club.
        You r amazing
        Now i’m reading “Rosemary for Remembrance”

        Dad told me he’ll get me a copy of “A ring through time” so that i can keep it as a remembrance and if, I did get a chnce to meet you.
        I can get it signed.

        • HI Agnes,
          I’m so pleased Ring Through Time has prompted you to try some of my other books. I hope you enjoy Rosemary for Remembrance, and Janna’s quest to avenge her mother’s death – and that you’ll go on to read the whole (6-book) series. Where is your school? I live in Sydney, and I enjoy coming out to schools to talk to students about my work, or conduct writing workshops. Your teacher or librarian is most welcome to contact me through my website to talk about it. And if I come, I would be delighted to sign your book for you! Hope you have a happy Easter break and all the best..

          • Hi there,
            I told my teacher about it, she needs time to think about it though….
            My school’s in Ballarat
            My freinds and school mates might also commet on your blog..
            But, thanks anyways
            have a good easter!

          • Hi Agnes,
            Ballarat is a LONG way away from me – but I belong to two speakers agencies in Victoria so maybe I could co-ordinate a side-trip to Ballarat when I next visit Melbourne. Your teacher will find details of the agencies on my website if she’d like to check that out. Also on my website is a ‘contact’ link. If you’d like to email me with your address I’ll send some bookmarks for you and your friends. And they’re welcome to contact me too. Happy Easter!

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