wally bookBack in 2000 Blake Education published my book titled Wally the Water Dragon, about a head-banging dragon that lived in a fishpond in our garden but who ‘head-banged’ us daily, trying to get in through the sliding glass doors of our dining area.  Looking for food?  Or with some other dark and dangerous purpose altogether? (You’ll have to read the book to find out!)  Over the years Wally began to look somewhat bedraggled and old, while his tail got shorter and shorter after fighting for his territory against other marauding dragons.  Last year, to my dismay, he didn’t appear at all.  Now there’s a new bully boy in town and he seems to have adopted us.  He’s showing a great interest in the dragon reflected in the sliding glass doors – or is it that he likes to hang around watching while we eat dinner, as he does at lunchtime when we’re outside on the balcony? (I’m just hoping he doesn’t think my toes look tasty!) The question is: what to call Dragon #2?DSCN3978

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