While in hospital I also heard from Ali Albazaz who has put together a list of 100 writing competitions from around the world in a variety of genres which provide a great opportunity for authors, especially aspiring authors, to test their work against international writers and, perhaps, take out a substantial prize at the same time.  Ali tells me that her company is also trying to create a platform for aspiring authors to submit their writing, which hopefully will take them closer to publication, and says: ‘if your visitors want any feedback on their work, maybe our writer community can help…’ To view the list of writing competitions and also what Ali’s company can offer, please have a look at her website: https://www.inkitt.com/writing-contests-competitions. Please note that this was an unsolicited email from Ali, so I have no personal knowledge of what she has to offer – but it certainly sounds worth checking out!  Happy writing!  (PS This is a favourite photo of swan and cygnets taken on the River Itchen in Winchester several years ago while I was in the UK researching and writing my medieval crime series, The Janna Mysteries, now republished as The Janna Chronicles.)

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