Congratulations to the team at ASA for a really interesting and well-run information day on digital publishing on Saturday. As the ‘Luddite’ of the group I came in at a very basic ‘how to’ level talking about my experience publishing the last two Janna Mysteries with CreateSpace. But I took pages of notes while listening to Steven Lewis talking about digital publishing and how to spread the word about your books; Karen Robertson talking about the difference between e-books and apps, and how she went about converting Treasure Kai to a book app, plus a heap of other information from successful blogger Kim Powell and News with Nipples (!), Anna Maguire from Digireado with an overview of digital publishing, plus a whole lot more useful info after lunch on digital rights and digital marketing plus Nerida Fearnley from LIghtning Source Australia talking about POD and e-book distribution. My brain was in meltdown by the end of it all! It’s such a rapidly changing world that authors ignore all this stuff at their peril. You can catch some of these speakers again if you check the ASA website. I just want to add my thanks for including me in this all-star line up, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of it. (Lunch was fantastic too!) If you missed it, there are E-exchanges taking place in other capital cities and I’m sure ASA will run something similar again here in Sydney some time.


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