My apologies for taking so long to write the promised post about Godric and Hugh. I know some of you are disappointed not to find any mention of them in the new book (Willows for Weeping) so I thought I’d set out some of my reasons and strategy for why I’ve done this.
As well as going in search of her unknown father, Janna’s quest is also about change and growth – her journey to adulthood. So it seemed very important that, as part of her journey, she leave behind everything and everyone familiar to her and step out into the unknown, to test herself, to find out new things, to meet new people and see new places. It’s not always a happy journey for Janna, but it’s very important in terms of her development as she comes to test her heart and her faith in human nature. And, of course, she does meet the charismatic Ralph along the way …
Testing yourself, making choices (especially when it comes to taking life partners) are all part of life’s experience, as is seeing beyond appearances to what lies beneath. Can Janna learn from her mistakes? Because we all make mistakes; it’s what we do about them that helps us grow and develop as a person.
For those of you hanging to know whether Janna will ever see Hugh and Godric again … yes, she will. Keep on reading!


  1. Hi, I love your Janna Mysteries books please email me when you have dates of when these books: Sage for Suffering and Thyme for Treachery are out in stores in Australia. love from Yael.

  2. Hi, I;m a big fan of your book, I know your book from my school library…but unfortunately, there is only up to the third series. i really want to read the 4th one.

    I wonder who will Janna chose, Godric or Hugh. (I hope is Godric)

    love, Alia

  3. Phew…thats good. I really hope that she ends up with Hugh (no offence to you aliyyah) though. I also have the same question as ella. I first read JM through my mum, and have been hooked on it ever since.

  4. Hi, i started reading Janna Mysteries this year and now i really can’t wait to read sage for suffering. i really want to read the part where she meets her father and i want to know what their reactions might be. So can you please e-mail and tell me whether Sage for suffering is out yet.

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