I can’t believe it’s over a month since I last lobbed into my blog. Someone is stealing time away from me! Maybe it’s cos I’m so busy these days, writing a new book, thinking about the project I’ll be working on while in Adelaide, sussing out publishing possibilities for the Jannas o.s. and all the rest of it. And reading, of course – my favourite occupation when I’m not writing. Although I’ve made the most of our Indian summer here in Sydney with some wonderful snorkels around Shelley Beach (or Cabbage Tree Bay as we’re meant to call it now) and some body surfs at Freshie. But I think my days in the water are over now; it’s starting to get a bit chilly!
Hope you all enjoy the Easter break and for those of you on vacation from school, hope you have a great time. (But just unplug occasionally, and give your imagination a chance to go walkabout, okay? We all need to have dreaming time.)

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