It’s lovely to be in touch with so many ‘old’ friends from the past – those of you who have read and loved Janna #1 – 4 and who have contacted me to say how pleased you are that #5 & 6 will finally be available. Just to let you know that my website has now been updated and you can read part of Chapter 1 of Sage for Sanctuary – just to give you an idea of the next part of Janna’s journey! Please let me know what you think. There’s also a ‘blurb’ about both books (I’ve decided to go with Thyme for Trust for #6) so there’s a bit more info about what’s in store for Janna.
I’m also now in constant contact with Createspace (including a phone call at midnight last night!) and #5 & 6 have been submitted for a copy edit. Realistically, I doubt they’ll be ‘published’ and available before Christmas but I shall keep you posted regarding timing when I know a bit more. So – a bit longer to wait, I’m afraid, but for me it’s important to get it right. Some good news: the designer of the ‘new-look’ Janna covers has agreed to do the covers for #5 & 6 so, if you order the new books through they will match the first four books and look like a set on your bookshelf – I know that’s important to some of you. (In fact, after negotiations with Random House, the whole series will be available through, either as e-books or as paperbacks.) This is all a big learning curve for me but the createspace team are really helpful – the only drawback is having to cope with the 9-hour time difference when contacting the USA.
So, now that school holidays are over, it’s back to work – for me, and for some of you too. I’m really looking forward to it (immersing myself in the world of the convict past on Norfolk Island and continuing with Hearts in Chains.) Hope you all have a great few months in the run up to Christmas and – if you’re doing the HSC – the very best of luck and success to you.

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