Okay, I’ve finished the rewrites on Sage for Sanctuary and Thyme for Trust and I hope I can get them published cos I think you’ll be as excited about them as I am. YES!! (And I cried – I’ve lived with Janna for about six years while I’ve been researching and writing the series, and it’s like saying goodbye to a really good friend. It’s so strange to think I won’t be following her journey and she won’t be in my life and in my thoughts any more. Which probably sounds a bit mad, but it’s true!) No news on the publishing front as yet – as I said, it’s a long, slow process but now I’ve got two manuscripts ready to go, I’m going to give it my best shot.
As well as writing madly, I’ve also had some good gigs: first at Bookfeast last week, organised for schools from the western suburbs of Sydney by the fabulous Michael Fraser and held in the city in the Teachers’ Federation building. It was the day of the big red dust storm and you could hardly see in front of your face. Ferries were cancelled but I managed to get a ride into the city from Manly on one of the new and privately owned fast ferries. I wondered if I’d be the only one there but, surprisingly, everyone braved the winds and dust and it was a full turn out – but my eyes still feel gritty! I sat with students from Chester Hill North primary – they were great company and it was a really happy day for everyone.
I also took part in a ‘meet the author’ session at Manly library as part of the local arts festival at the weekend, and that was fun. Other authors there to talk about their books were Kate Forsyth, Belinda Murrell, Chris Cheng, Wendy Blaxland, Karen Robertson, Kirsty Eagar, Jenny Hale, Sarah Davis and Lindy Batchelor. It’s always interesting to hear other authors talk about where they get their ideas and how they research and write their books.
My next ‘activity’ is a workshop at the Writers Centre in Sydney, titled Digging the Past on October 10th. This is for anyone interested in writing historical fiction and we’ll be talking about research resources and doing hands-on exercises in setting, characterisation and plotting using photographs, documents, artefacts and so on to flesh out the story. The day will be split in half with Vashti Farrer leading the session on 18th-19th century Australia while I’ll be back in medieval England for the second half.
School holidays nearly here in NSW – and elsewhere? Hope you all have fun!


    You have finished the janna mysteries it is a time to celabrate but also a time of sadness as we are saying goodbye yo janna.

    Congrates Felicity. (;

  2. yay your finally finished so now we can find out who janna ends up with. :}
    also can you give us the exact date for when the books will be released?

  3. Yay !!! I can't wait to read what happens… also is there any chance you can ask the printers to print the book in its old cover. The one where Janna is a cartoon and not an actual person…. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease 🙂

    <3 Jean

  4. Wow, that's great!
    Fingers crossed for you finding a publisher.
    I am a massive fan of The Janna Mysteries – I love all the books that have so far been released! They're brilliant!
    The mystery, the crimes, the historical facts & the romance are all amazing. I hope these last 2 books are published soon! 🙂
    I can't wait.

  5. I am glad to hear you have finished the series and hope you are someday able to publish the last 2 books as I would love to know what happens to Janna!

  6. AHHHHH! I am SO EXCITED! Can't wait to find out what happens! Thank you for your beautiful books Ms Pulman, and for inspiring a new generation of readers and writers!! You're amazing!!! 😀

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