Thanks again for all your messages of support for the series. You’re the reason I’m going the route of self-publishing with createspace, although I also needed to finish Janna’s journey for myself, to see if her quest was successful, to see if she chooses the ‘right’ guy, to see what her prospects are for the future – and I can tell you now, her future comes at a price. I’m about to sign off on the covers for #5 & 6. They’re similar in style to the later covers (ie not like the first two ‘medieval’ covers.) And they are absolutely beautiful. I hope you’ll like them. I’ve also approved the page proofs so the books are well under way although, as I said in a previous post, unfortunately they won’t be released until Sept/Oct respectively. I hope you’ll think they’re worth the wait, and I’ll certainly look forward to hearing your comments.
Regarding my post on bookshops and publishing, you may like to check out The Australian on April 5th and read my ‘Soapbox’ piece on Bookaholics, Libraries and Bookshops. As a bookaholic I couldn’t be without either – but the times are certainly changing for publishers. It seems to me that one of the greatest problems is the price of books in this country. They have become luxury items, and given that most people are in belt-tightening mode, it’s no wonder bookshops are suffering.
On Thursday I’m off to Mimosa P/S in Frenchs Forest (Sydney) to talk about Ghost Boy. It’s the 2nd novel I wrote but is still popular thanks to the special Ghost Boy tour up at the Quarantine Station for schools studying the book. The QS is such a special place; loads of atmosphere (and ghosts!) I loved researching and writing the novel, and I also enjoy talking about it – ghosts, disease, a family mystery … I’m looking forward to my session with the students.

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