Again, my thanks for all your encouraging messages – love the poison ivy suggestion! BUT we’re now MOOOVING FORWARD at last. I’ve found a company in the states (createspace)that will publish Sage for Sanctuary and Thyme for Trust (Truth? I need to make up my mind on this!!) You will FINALLY be able to buy the novels on line either as e-books or ‘real’ books through This is a huge relief, and also a big learning curve for me, but there’s plenty of back up available so it will be done. I’m not sure how long it will all take but I promise to move as fast as possible to get the books out there so you can read them.
In the meantime I’m hoping to negotiate with Random House to keep the first four Jannas in print and also available as e-books, both here and internationally. JANNA LIVES!
I finished the final edit yesterday (and cried over part of the last book!) I shall be very sorry when I finally have to let go, but I know Janna will make her way in the world with pride and with joy. And in the meantime, I have a new book to write …
I’m hoping to rejig my website soon (I know I said that before but I always seem to run out of time!) However, as a reward for your patience, and as a teaser, I intend to put Chapter 1 of Sage for Sanctuary up on my site so you can have a sneak preview – and tell me what you think!
For those of you on school holidays now – enjoy!

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