Thank you to all of you who have bought the last two Janna Mysteries and who have been writing to me to tell me how much you’re enjoying them. I have absolutely loved writing the series and when I came to finish the last book I felt as if I was saying goodbye to close friends and family members. They (the characters and their situations) became so much a part of my life, sometimes even more real to me than ‘real’ life. And I find now that I haven’t really been able to say goodbye after all, because they are still part of my life. They have gone out into the real world, into the world of the readers, and of course I’m hoping that you’ll all love reading about their journey as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. As a mum of adult children, I know how hard it is to see your children go out into the world to make their own way as best they can. The temptation is to hover, to nudge, to give advice, to protect, whereas often the best thing you can do is just back off! So it is with these books, in a way. I want to give them to you individually and say please hold them, cherish them, love them as I do. But I can’t. Time now to back off and let the books speak for themselves. But you’re all speaking for me, and I really appreciate that. THANK YOU!

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