Such a happy day yesterday at ‘Hogwart’s Castle’ – the wonderful St Patrick’s seminary turned Hotel School at North Head in Manly which really is a ‘castle’, and many thanks to Belinda Murrell and CBCA north for organising lunch with authors, illustrators, teachers, librarians and a HUGE bunch of very excited students.  It’s such a great opportunity for students to meet favourite authors and illustrators, and to talk about books – and I was the happy host of students from Oxford Falls Grammar School and their teacher/librarians – I so enjoyed their company. For us it’s also fun to be able to network and to catch up with writing friends.  Keynote speakers Deborah Abela kept everyone riveted with stories from her childhood and how they’ve morphed into books for children, and illustrator Marjorie Crosby-Fairall had everyone drawing madly trying to emulate one of her delightful illustrations – LWTS authors picwith generous prizes and support from Humphrey’s Newsagency in Manly.  A terrific and most memorable day!

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