Thanks so much everyone for all your interesting comments – you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about. I specially like the suggestion that Janna is giving me hints about which way she wants to go – I’d never thought about that in those terms before. Hmmmm … Questions, questions.
Many thanks too for all your messages of encouragement and support. I’m quite determined that Janna will finish her quest – and also wind up with the guy who’s right for her!! Meantime I’m always happy to hear your suggestions.


  1. :0 (shocked face)

    😀 Thankyou sooo much for liking my comment!! It means so much to me. I hope it helped you and didn't just leave you all confuzzled about Janna, and whos the right man for her 🙂
    Thanks so much again, jess.

  2. hi, ive been waiting for ages to read the 5th and 6th books because i started reading JM at the start of last year. im really looking forward to reading them and i think your a brilliant writer 😀
    btw i think janna should end up marrying hugh because he is so sweet and i just love him and i was dissapointed because he wasnt even in weeping for willows.
    get them published soon!! please!! i need to read them =]

  3. Can you tell your publisher to pick up their pace…LOL! Seriously I'll buy 2 copies each of "Sage for sanctuary" and "Thyme for trust" if it's sales that they're worried about. I'll donate the second set to my school library…

  4. You have so many loyal fans! I can't believe the publishers are this stubborn!! Just to let you know the books are amazing!! I love the mystery! I am such a huge fan of hugh, I REALLy really hope Janna ends up with him. As to the person who thinks it's just like twilight, twilight was not the first book to make a story like that. Its a classic romance trait. But anyway good luck and God's speed Felicity!! 🙂

  5. wow i cant believe i left it this long to read your website again. Awesome work and it sounds like you have been really busy.

    i cant wait to read your next book. i have a hunch her right man is hugh but im hoping its Godric. I think hughs to tied down in his position and janna is looking for that freedom….but then again i could be completely wrong.

    Anyways keep up the good work but remember to relax as well.



  6. Hi,
    I was Wondering if you have finished Sage for Sanctuary at all, because i reeeeaaaalllly want to read the rest of the series so plz finish them all so they can go on the shelves.

  7. Hey can i just say i love your books and anyone who hasn't read them a seriously missing out!
    Note to fans:
    If you have ever heard of fanfiction it's an awsome site that you can publish your own stories on.
    I would really love it if people made their own version of Janna and her adventures in the meantime on this website,(because there are none at the moment) i'll do my best to contribute too.
    And felicity if you want to read them feel free haha you might even get some idea's from it.

  8. Oh how I wish this was more of a Young Adult novel with some smut ;P

    I agree with "Can't wait! said…"Jess' reply in the previous blog post.
    Gahh!!! All we can do in the meantime is conjecture and imagine what will happen though~
    But I'm sure most of us are hoping that Janna will end up with Hugh (:

    Anticipating the next book, hope you find a publisher soon!

  9. HI !
    I was wondering if you had got anymore news about the last two books getting published, because the janna series is the best! And i can't wait to find out who janna ends up with or what her dads like. :}

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