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Exciting news! I’ve found the ‘perfect’ title for Book 5! And this is how it came about: as a ‘safety net’ while writing the JMs, I’ve enlisted the services of a friend, Dr Gillian Polack, who is an expert on all things medieval. She looks at my manuscripts and tells me where I’m going wrong, but our conversations often touch on plot points and characters. Gillian has come up with some GREAT ideas in the past, and her latest is to rename Book 5 of the JMs. This book has already gone through several name changes, the latest being Sage for Suffering. Following on from ‘Willows for Weeping’ I thought it all sounded rather dreary and I’ve never been very happy with that title. But Gillian has now come up with a ripper title, which perfectly fits the plot and the theme of Book 5: ‘SAGE FOR SANCTUARY’. I love it, and Sage for Sanctuary it will be.
For those of you asking when it will come out: I’m not sure, but hopefully early next year.


  1. I’ve read all your books and i just can’t have enough. They are just so captivating and interesting.I just can’t wait to read the fifth one.

  2. I chose to read Lilies for Love for my school assignment, not knowing that it was the third book. But i finished that book in 1 hour! It was so good just couldn’t put it down! Now i have got and read all of your books, i even ordered Willows for Weeping at my local bookstore 2 months before it came out.I absolutely love the JM! Keep it up!

  3. That’s great, but i’m just wondering, have you finished book 5 already? I’ve just started to read book 4. It took me a month to get my hands on book 4 but i was so excited when i finally got it. I love medievil stories as well as mysteries so when you put them together they make such a perfect match!!! Can’t wait for book 5 to come out btu first of all, i have to finish book 4! 🙂

  4. I just want to say that I think that Sage for Sanctuary sounds like a really good name. It at least gives me SOME sort of insight into the new book. I am soo happy to know when the book is coming out. Sure, next year seems like a long way away, but really, its only in half a year, and the first half of the year went really quickly for me, just going into High school.

  5. is the SAGE FOR SANCTUARY coming out next year? can any1 pls tell me the date cuz i m realli hooked up on it lol, can’t wait, i read 3 books in one day!!!!

  6. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.
    I love to guess whats going to happen in them and i normally get it right appart from i think once or twice.
    i also keep on finding simmilartys between the Janna mysteries and twilight!

  7. I finished Willows for Weeping a while ago and I have to say I was so emotional! I loved the new love interest!
    I can’t wait to see how this resolves!
    I’m routing for Hugh!

  8. i am in the middle of willows for weeping. at first i thought that lilies for love was the last book and i was really disappointed, but i was looking in my local library and i found willows for weeping!!i was SOOO excited. i started reading it the moment i got out!! i love it already and can’t wait for number 5 to come out!

  9. i finished the fourth book tonight and so i cant wait to read the fifth book! i really do hope that janna will be reunited with her father without to much pain on her part although it might not make for a long book lol

    in anycase i was wondering wether or not this next book will be the last one or not i would hope to see the series end on a high note and happily! 🙂

    you can catch me on the following email address – prue_drache_engel@hotmail.com – i would love to hear from you

  10. Me again… I love chasing after books, one book after another but I hate getting impatient. I really want Janna to find her father as soon as possible but IF they do then there’ll be nothing left to read… which is a pain. So I can’t choose from either wanting you to quickly publish the last book so there’s a finished story or so I can keep on reading such a wonderful book. I hope you continue writing the Janna Mysteries after Janna finds her father although I know that’s probably not going to happen, but I can always hope… 🙂

  11. hi
    omg, i just love your books they are really good and like someone said there are similarities with twilight. hope the fifth book comes out quickly, by the way isn’t it called sage for suffering.

  12. After I read Willows for Weeping, I had a lump stuck in my throat for four days straight. Now, whenever I think about the series, I feel this very deep sympathy for all that Janna had to go through and how much had changed from the life she had shared with her mother.

  13. Hi my name is Kira, i absolutely LOVE the Janna Mysteries! I enjoyed the 4th book the best but i can’t wait for the fifth one. (squeeeee!) Anyway i hope she ends up with Hugh and that Mus is in the 5th book too.
    Best Wishes

  14. i just love the JM!!! they’re awesome I’ve read allthe books from 1-4 and cant wait till book 5 comes out!!!
    so when is book 5 gonna come out???

  15. ive just finished reading your series and i thought it was amazing! you manage to capture all the things that are truly important in a great novel! i cant WAIT for the next and last book of JM im so excited i really hope janna finds her father and ends up with hugh because i think he really cares about her! Hope to get sage for sanctuary soon!! 🙂

  16. Please can anyone tell me when the 5th book is coming out! This is the only series I have ever become so drawn into…not even Harry Potter series managed that.

  17. I've read all the released books from the Janna Mysteries, I told all my friends about them and none of us can stop thinking about the next one! I don't think I can wait 'till next year for the next to come out! All the other books are absolutely thrilling! Your books are sooooo good i finished the four in just one week! I never read that fast! I've been looking around the internet for the next book for ages, and only now do i find your website! I've tried to start other books while I wait but you have now set my expectations for books very high! Sorry this post is so gushy! Love your books!!!!

  18. I've read all the released books from the Janna Mysteries, I told all my friends about them and none of us can stop thinking about the next one! I don't think I can wait 'till next year! your books are utterly compelling! i read the whole Janna Mysteries in just one week! I shocked Myself! The plot of each of the books is so unexpected, it kept me turning pages at a phenomenal pace. The characters you have created are so, real. thier so deep, they really have personalities of thier own. I've tried picking up other books to pass the time however none live up to my newly raised – very high – expectations. I'm literally itching mith impatience for the the next book! Sorry this post is sooo gushy! I absolutly adore your books!

  19. WOW iam in love with these books. i just cant wait for the fifth book to come out. your my number one fav aurther :). CAN U PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS!!! it feels like your actully there.

    from you number one fan Lucy.B age 12

    p.s sorry about spelling

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