My fabulous webmaster, Jason Rhodes, has done a makeover of my website and connected me to the 21st century – fantastic job, Jason! So if you haven’t already done so, do lob in and have a click around, there’s lots to see. I still need to work out how to operate some of these tag things but I’m getting there!

I’ve recently been a guest on Rowena Cory Daniel’s wonderful site, and there’s a question to answer at the end: if you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be and why? Best answer wins a book (and as I’m the judge it will be a purely subjective decision!) Do have a look at her lovely website, and also check out my Q & A on – and keep those answers coming! Shakespeare? Einstein anyone? Let’s not forget the women. Boudicca? Maggie Thatcher???

I’m catching up tonight after a busy day; a meeting of the Smilies, some terrific children’s authors who get together once a month to swap information, applaud success or commiserate if need be, and generally enjoy each other’s company talking writing. Tonight was the CBCA northern suburbs branch Christmas party, with so many talented authors and friends there, it was a great night, made even more special with Anna Fienberg reading a story from her new Tashi mss while Kim Gamble illustrated one of the scenes. All brilliant! And so (yawn) to bed.

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