Thanks so much for sending me your thoughts re the title for the last Janna Mystery. Thyme for Truth seems to be the most popular, and certainly Janna discovers the truth about a lot of things in her life. But this is also a story about trust and, without wanting to give too much away, it’s not only Janna who learns about trust. The road to true love and the future proves to be a rocky road indeed. And I’m not talking chocolate here!
Just back from a wonderful trip up and down the Murray River, enjoying the beautiful scenery, listening to the fascinating history of the paddle steamers and how they opened up the river for trade, and (particularly) enjoying the fantastic food and company on board. I waddled off the boat. Groan!
I’m now staying in the writing studio in Adelaide, finding it hard to say goodbye to family and friends and instead stare at an empty screen waiting for inspiration to strike. It’s been doubly hard to tear myself away from the medieval world of Janna, having lived in it so long. Hard to say goodbye to all those characters too! However, I’ve now made a start on ‘Hearts in Chains’. What do you think of the title?? Love to hear your comments! This book is set back in Australia, a sort of Australian Romeo and Juliet, with the secrets of the past to keep the protagonists apart. So far as I know, it’s going to be in the style of Ghost Boy, starting in the present with a flashback to the dire and dreadful days of the penal colony at Norfolk Island. It’s a story of love (and death) and redemption. I think you’ll like it – I hope! In the meantime I’m doing lots of research, lots of writing and I’ve come to the conclusion that before too long I’m going to have to visit Norfolk Island again.
Things are moving slowly on the Janna situation, but I remain hopeful that I’ll have some news for you soon. If any of you are reading this in Adelaide, I’ll be at the Writers Centre on Tuesday/Wednesday night – 8th & 9th – and at the Young Writers Night function on Thursday night. It would be lovely if you’d come and say hi. I’m also doing an author talk at the Mary Martin Bookshop on Wednesday 23rd to raise funds for the May Gibbs Chidren’s Liteature Trust (that funds this studio and gives writers like me the chance to hole up and WRITE.) Please come along if you can.

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