I’m not writing this blog as often as I should – busy, busy writing and doing other stuff – more of that shortly. First up, my thanks to all of you for your continuing messages of support for the Janna Mysteries. I’m on the case, but I’m afraid as yet I have no good news to report. Just wanted you to know that it’s heart-warming for me to know that Janna has touched your lives as she has touched mine: together, somehow or another, we shall see her complete her quest!
I have quite a few talks and workshops etc coming up over the next couple of months. Please keep your eyes on my diary (on my website) and, if you’re in the area, please come and say hello. It’s always great to meet you.
This month’s got off to a good start with the launch of Turning the Page, written for the Making Tracks series at the National Museum. I’m now about to write another story, this time based on a photograph not an artefact, for an upcoming anthology. It’s a different way of writing but I believe it’s something students do quite a lot at school for creative writing projects. I’d be interested to hear how you go about it as I’m finding it quite a challenge! I’ve just done a ‘writing for teenagers’ workshop and am now preparing a crime-writing workshop for the Writers Centre in Sydney next Sunday (Feb 22nd) if any of you are budding crime writers?? Meantime I hope you all got a card (and a red rose??) today from someone who really cares. Stay well, stay happy.


  1. Just tell your publishers that they’ll get more sales when everyones into it (eg now) than when everyone has moved on. i love the series and i think the plot is fantastic, but i am hanging on the edge wondering what will happen to Janna and having no way of finding out until it has been published

  2. aw man i just read the last book in 2 days and am dying to read the 5th one! its such a great series, the publishers are crazy not to print your next book

  3. Is there anything we can do to help? Make a petition to have your book published? Write to the publishers? Please let us know! Can’t wait for Book 5! Just write what we can do in your next entry

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