DSCN2782DSCN2794In response to Henrietta’s request, here are some pix of the water lilies at Giverny. I should point out that it was a grey, spitty sort of day so the lilies weren’t flowering as profusely as they might have done which might also have made a difference; these really don’t do it justice. As requested, there’s also a description of the garden. It’s huge, set on two sides of the road. One side has his house, which you can explore, plus all the ‘planned’ gardens in various colours: yellows and whites; reds and oranges; pinks and purples – it’s absolutely divine – more pix below. It’s really hard to capture the beauty of it all. On the other side of the road, which you access by a tunnel, is the lake garden, a bit wilder and with a bridge over the water. Gorgeous, so please don’t judge it by my photos; they haven’t come out very well at all, I’m afraid. But I did go to L’Orangerie in Paris to see his enormous waterlily paintings which are wonderful. I can certainly see where his inspiration came from. The only downside at Giverny were the vast numbers of people there so it was a bit of a push and shove scenario to get anywhere – a lot of the paths were closed off, which didn’t help –  see below and the queue to get into Monet’s house behind me.DSCN2789DSCN2802DSCN2767DSCN2804

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  1. SO many thanks Felicity. I have been in France for 15 years and I keep saying that I will go there but never enough time! Out of interest, were there any fish/ carp in the pond? Safe travels. And more pixs of Paris sweltering in the heat. Henrietta x

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