Hope you’ve all got off to a good start in 2010, that you’ve had a good Christmas and are enjoying the holidays? How are the New Year’s resolutions going? (I have the same as always: get fit, lose weight. Trouble is, with all the parties still going on, I keep thinking I’ll start ‘next week’ – but next week hasn’t come yet!)
Good to hear from you again, Yael, and thanks to Nell, Scarlett and everyone else for your messages. So far as publication of #5 & 6 goes, I’m afraid there’s still no news from overseas (guess everyone’s on holidays – and snowed under in every sense of the words!!) but as soon as I hear anything, it’ll be up on this blog.
I had a rather sad day on the last day of 2009; I cleared a whole lot of Janna reference books off my shelves and put away the files to make way for my new project (a time slip back to the court of King Arthur – sort of like the Shalott trilogy but this book will be for adults.) It felt like saying goodbye to an old friend; I know I’ll ‘see’ Janna again when I talk about the books at schools and so on, but I’ll never be so close to her again. It’s a weird feeling. This is something common to authors, I think. You live in someone’s mind for such a long time (the Jannas took me about 6 years to research and write) that it was almost like a death (or maybe a divorce is a better analogy?) leaving her behind. But I know she lives on in readers’ hearts and minds, and that’s a great comfort. As an author, my primary focus is to tell a great story, but I always want readers to experience the magic of being transported to another time and place, to think about stuff they might not have thought about before (like how would YOU survive if you had no family, no friends, no home. What would YOU do??) And perhaps also to learn about what life was like in those times, compared to how much easier it is today – or is it??? Let me know what you think! Above all, I’d like readers to enjoy reading the books and care about the characters – and your messages tell me that you do, and that’s wonderful. THANK YOU!


  1. Have just read the first two Jannas and am now into the third with the 4th by my bed. Beautifully and simply written. Have a penchant for 14th, 15th, 16 and 17th centuries and Janna fitted the bill. Congratulations and good luck with publishing O/S.

  2. I really hope that they get published soon. I read the books to my friend when I talk to her on the phone ever since she moved state, and we’ve been waiting for them for a very long time. I got into them in my 7th year and got my best friend hooked too, we are both now in our last year of high school and still talk about the books when ever we see each other and agree that the books are the best discovery of your high school years. Hope every thing goes your way this year.

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