Thanks to all of you who are writing to me asking when Willows for Weeping will be in the bookshops and where you might find it. The answer is that Willows is now out and should be in every good bookshop already, along with all the other ‘new look’ Janna Mysteries. If you can’t find copies, please ASK! You might like to tell the bookshop people that you love the series and you’re hanging to read the new book ASAP! Why not collect the whole series, now that you can get an omnibus edition of the first two books, Rosemary for Remembrance and Rue for Repentance at a bargain price? I promise you, the books will look beautiful all lined up on your bookshelf. Judging from the emails I’m receiving, you won’t have to wait in a queue to get them out of the library either. If you have them at home you can read them whenever you want, as many times as you want.
I hope you’ll enjoy the next instalment of Janna’s quest as she hits the road with the pilgrims and jongleurs – and tries to ignore Juliana’s warning that death is following her. Let me know what you think!
My next post will be about Hugh, Godric and the new man in Janna’s life: Ralph.

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