janna-book1-2-newSince writing The Janna Mysteries, I’ve come across some amazing pronunciations of Janna’s name. A reader’s question about it today prompts this post.  As explained in Rosemary for Remembrance, when Janna was learning to talk she had difficulty pronouncing her name: Johanna. She was named after her father, John – although she didn’t know that at the time.  As a child, she could only manage an elided version of her name, hence Janna, with a hard J (as in John.)  But whatever you like to call her, I hope you are enjoying – or have enjoyed – this saga of a young girl’s fight for justice, identity and love!  Books available from Random House Australia or amazon.com.

Another question I’m frequently asked is:  ‘why did you have to kill the cat?’ (also in Book 1.)Thyme for Trust, Book 6 of The Janna Mysteries   But that’s a topic for the next post!


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