Old Worlds, New Worlds, Otherworlds is this year’s theme for CBCA Book Week and I’ve been posting on fb, challenging readers to write something.  Yesterday’s challenge was to create a poem using this photograph of an owl (taken by a very talented photographer friend, Laurie Wilson.) I’m no poet – but I had fun trying!  I took the other photo in the UK while over there researching my Arthurian novels – love the ‘owl door’!  And before I subject you to my three haiku on owls, let me introduce to two wonderful poems about owls (with spaces to indicate new lines.) The first is by George Macbeth, titled ‘Owl’:  Owl    is my favourite.   Who flies like a nothing through the night, who-whoing …The second is by my very good friend, Ruth Drobnak, titled Waiting for Owls. I stand at the crossroad   shriven   a scarecrow woman with saw-toothed grin ..

And this is what I’ve come up with: Feather soft   Silently swooping   Talons poised.    #2  Tiny mouse  In the grip of death   Bloody prey.   #3  Wise Athena  Embodying owls   Through eons.

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