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Message to teachers: visit my ‘For teachers’‘ page and also workshops, visits and bookings pages to learn about my talks and workshops. Discover how you can match my novels to the English and/or History curriculum. You’ll find a comprehensive description of themes, topics for discussion, class activities and associated articles of interest for all my books. NB I illustrate all my talks with powerpoint presentations that begin with the ideas and where they came from and then go on to show eg photographs, maps, reports, diaries etc so that the audience can follow my ‘journey’ through researching and writing the novels.

For adults: I also give talks to clubs and societies, and run workshops on creative writing in a variety of genres, including writing a short story, fantasy, crime, history and life writing. One of my most popular presentations is ‘An Author’s Journey’ where I talk about what inspired some of my novels and how I went about researching and writing them (with powerpoint illustrations). For more information about my presentations please go to workshops, visits and bookings.

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This popular and award-winning trilogy has now been updated and republished as #1 Shalott: Into the Unknown; #2 Shalott: Dangerous Magic and #3 Shalott: End Play. Please order the brand new version of this award winning trilogy through the following links in either print or ebook format if you’d like to buy a copy: Amazon Australia; Amazon USA; Amazon UK. Book 2 Shalott: Dangerous Magic (Sept) & #3 Shalott: End Play (November) are also available for pre-order. Read more about the trilogy on my Books Page.

“Five teenagers face danger in the magical world of Camelot as they try to save the life of the Lady of Shalott – and also save themselves.”

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The Sydney Mechanics School of Arts / Thomas Keneally Centre in Pitt Street, Sydney is building an author forum to publicise this wonderful resource for writers and readers, and I’m honoured to be a part of it. For a link to my video (and to other authors) please Click Here.