1. Who was the queen of Camelot
  2. What was the name of King Arthur’s sword
  3. Name three knights at Arthur’s court
  4. With whom did Arthur grow up with as a boy
  5. Who was Arthur’s magical advisor
  6. Who was Arthur’s magical half sister
  7. Who was Arthur’s son
  8. What were the knights looking for when they went on the Quest
  9. What is the real name of ‘The Lady of Shallot’
  10. Where did Arthur fight is last battle
  11. Who was he fighting
  12. Who threw Arthur’s sword away
  13. Who caught the sword
  14. Who wrote the poem “The Lady of Shalott”
  15. Name three of the teenagers from the Shallot Trilogy
  16. How did they access Camelot from our own world