(Adult Fiction)

Schooled in magic by Merlin and promised a kingdom, Morgana is robbed of her birthright and betrayed by everyone she has ever loved and trusted. Her revenge will destroy Camelot, and break her heart. Can she can learn from the past in time to protect our future? And will an ancient prophecy thus be fulfilled?

Morgan le Fay is one of the most reviled, enigmatic and misunderstood of all the characters in Arthurian legend. I first became interested in her while researching and writing my Shalott trilogy, and she’s been inhabiting my head ever since!

I, Morgana is a reinterpretation of this fascinating character, giving new insight into her actions, and a new understanding of how she has been portrayed through the centuries.

I, Morgana is available as an e-book from any e-book retailer. Print versions may be purchased POD from Pan Macmillan Australia – www.panmacmillan.com.au.

My thanks to Professor Di Yerbury and the Society of Women Writers NSW for awarding me the inaugural Di Yerbury writer’s residency in the UK in 2015.. The residency provided accommodation in beautiful Barnstaple in North Devon for 3 months during which I was able to research and write the sequel to I, Morgana, titled The Once and Future Camelot. In this book I follow the story of Morgana’s daughter Marie, set adrift in our own world as she entertains the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine with her lais while trying to hold at bay the terrifying images of the destruction of London that haunt her. (Read more about Morgana, Marie and the sequel on my blog under ‘A Room of One’s Own – in the UK!’. You’ll also find more information under the book covers.)

E-books available from all e-book publishers. Print copies of I, Morgana also available through the publishers: www.panmacmillan.com.au.


‘A bold and unusual novel’ … ‘Morgana struggles … with reconciling the brighter and the darker aspects of her character. She is driven by revenge – against Arthur, against Guinevere, against Merlin, against the world – and revenge, as it so often does, creates a wasteland around her. But at the heart of all revenge is the inconsolable grief of a child. The pain of loss and betrayal burns at the heart of Morgana’s story …’ Sophie Masson

‘I, Morgana is a new interpretation of the King Arthur story, and a rich new addition to the much loved (and hotly debated) canon … Felicity Pulman has succeeded in creating a character and a book that remain true to the myth, while bringing new energy and new perspective to it’… Great Historicals, Goodreads.

‘This book is my first foray back to the land of Camelot, and it did not disappoint. It took some of the most interesting stories about Arthur and Morgana and wove them into a wonderfully complex and intricate story.’ Jo, Goodreads

‘The writing is excellent in both description and action so that I was lost in her world or perhaps worlds would be more accurate. The characters have depth and texture beyond the common stories that I read of the legend.’ Susan, Goodreads