Haley has told a lie, and now he’s only got one week to learn how to surf … but why has he seen a girl drowning even before it’s happened?

Why I wrote this book?

For a while I was a ‘reading partner’ at a local high school. One of my partners was a mad keen surfer, so I looked about for some good surfing novels for him to read – and couldn’t find any. So, with his knowledge, and also my son’s input (cos he’s also a mad keen surfer) I wrote Surfing the Future – playing with my favourite time shift ideas, but it’s also a story with lots of surfing in it!

Published by:
Sunshine Books, Wendy Pye NZ, 413 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand. Website www.sunshine.co.nz

ISBN: 976-644-810-8