We’ve recently been overseas for six wonderful weeks – did some research in England for my new book and went on a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, which I absolutely loved. My favourite stopping place was Durnstein, a small medieval town with a ruined castle above, and quite a stiff climb to get there. This is the castle where Richard I was held prisoner for 15 months until his minstrel, Blondel, managed to find him. The story goes that Blondel roamed all through Austria singing a favourite song of Richard’s until, finally, Richard sang back to him, and so his whereabouts became known and a ‘king’s ransom’ could be raised for his release. True? Who knows, but what a romantic story!
I came home to the proof copies of Books 5 & 6 and am now doing a final read before they’re officially published, although they won’t be released until September and October respectively. Please NB: they WILL be available to order either as e-books or paperbacks so those of you who want to own the complete set of books will be able to do so. Or you can read them as e-books if you own a Kindle. Yay, can’t wait to see them ‘out there’ – they look fantastic!

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