DSCN2216I’m off to Glastonbury tomorrow so will be ‘off air’ for a week, but will share a few more photos before I go as my character, Marie, is still at Eleanor of Aquitaine’s palace at Poitiers – pictured left, and now the Palais de Justice. Eleanor occupied the Maubergeonne Tower – not open to tourists, unfortunately! But you can walk in to the Great Hall, pictured below,

Great Hall in the Palace of the Dukes of Aquitaine

Great Hall in the Palace of the Dukes of Aquitaine

with a close up of the immense fireplace + chimney, which was a new and most welcome innovation in those days as it directed the smoke upwards, instead of it permeating through the room! Also in Poitiers is the 11th century church of St Radegonde, founder of the first female monastery in the city in the 6th century;  her stone tomb is in the crypt surrounded by ‘Merci’ plaques from people whose prayers have been answered.     DSCN2258DSCN2218DSCN2246


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