Hi everyone; hope you all enjoyed the school holidays? (Not as much as your teachers, I bet!) Schools are much on my mind at present as Book Week comes closer. I’ve been invited to visit lots of wonderful schools in Sydney and at the Top Bookshop in Gosford. Schools include Manly Primary, Kuringai High School, Killarney Heights High School, Cheltenham Girls High, SCEGS Redlands, Mosman High, Wenona and Pittwater House amongst others. If any students from there are reading this, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all. Plus the Children’s Book Council have organised lunch on a ferry for students – always fun – and a day at the museum, both of which will give readers of all ages a chance to meet a variety of authors. So I hope to catch up with some of you around the traps.
Meanwhile Janna is giving me a hard time! I thought I knew who would win her heart at the end – and I think she agrees with me (sometimes characters take on a life of their own. They become very troublesome when they think they know best!!) But I need to do quite a bit of rewriting as a result and so everything’s on hold for the time being. But if you, the readers, have any ideas or suggestions on the subject, please feel free to let me know!


  1. I think Janna should end up marrying Hugh, but that she also has a big thing with Godric before she does. Like they have a fight about where their relationship is or something like that and then they decide just to be friends. And she marrys Hugh and hugh meets her dad and he ends up actually knowing who her father was the whole time.

  2. Hi i have only just got into the series and i was wondering if you could help me out, i want to know how many books are out already. i know their are atleast four but is there a fifth??? please let me know.

  3. Alos i think the previous anonymous is wrong, it wouldnt be good because that is so cliche' because it happened in twilight and evrything. hmmmm how to end it though. i do agree about her marrying hugh though

  4. im glad you agree about jannna marrying hugh and now that i think about it it does sound like twilight i didn't realise.
    there's only 4 books out at the moment as well.
    but i still think hugh should end up knowing jannas father the whole time then that can be how she meets him.

  5. It should definately be Hugh!! I have yet to finish Willows for Weeping, but I really REALLY hope that in the end of the series it's Hugh that she marries!!! Good luck Felicity with the publishing! 🙂

  6. i think that janna should marry godric because he was always so nice to her. i reckon hugh is a little bit up himself. maybe it could be a love triangle thing where janna thinks she loves hugh but realises she was just telling herself that because she thought godric was with cecily and was wrong. im excited about 5th book!

  7. More or less i think instead of Janna giving you trouble, she has been leaving you little hints. At first i thought that Janna would certainly end up with Godric mind you that was in the first chapter of the first book. Ever since Hugh came along ive always thought it should be him. Every moment with Hugh was so intimate and friendly, when they met, playing ball with Hamo, when he was comforting her, and their kiss and pretty much all of lillies for love. With godric everything felt so forced like Janna didn't really want to be in that situation, but you write amazing novels. JM has been thrilling and intreging looking very forward to reading what happens to Janna next. I'm certain what ever you end up writing will be brillant and i can't wait to read it!!!

  8. Pleae, please, please can he be with hugh!!!
    If i was janna, i would fall madely in love with hugh and maybe Godric can be like, the godfather of their child, that would be cute lol and godric can be with Cecily and Hamo gets his wish and Hugh and Janna can live happily ever after! Squeeee!

  9. Can't wait until the rest of the series comes out! Every time i read one of the JM books i absolutely could not wait until i started reading the next one!

  10. Hi
    I think all the Anonymouses (is that the plural??!) are right – Janna should end up with Hugh and become the fair and kind lady of the land. Perhaps she can have a fling with Godric or they declare their love but he dies from some pustulous disease that she is unable to use her herbs to save him from. Hurry up with the new book!!!

  11. i think it would be great if she got with Hugh or/and godric….. but what would b really funny is if she meets someone else and is head over heels for him….. ot he is head over heels for her and she doesnt really want anything to do with him…. and he isnt shy to tell her and everyone that he likes her…. just an idea

  12. ay, the girl with the last comment have you read the last book? (meaning book four) that's pretty much what happens… BTW even though i'm totally a hugh fan i think it'll be the opposite hugh will end up marrying a barreness but still be in love with janna…janna will then get together with godric but have heaps of arguments with him and end up unhappy…still seeing hugh ever so often they become really close. the guy that killed jannas mum will find out that she's at hughs and come after her she will of corse run away and godric mad as hell after having a fight with her will think nothing of her dissapearance after all she's done it before… any way the day she goes into hidding she ment to meet with hugh at her fathers house as she still hasen't meet him, when she never turns up both hugh and John (her father) go looking for her…hugh gets baddly injured and dies by mus's hand while saving janna she is then found by her father hugging hugh and is taken to saftey and finds an unsent letter from hugh addressed to her stating his love and decides to kees it close to her heart. it is then found by hughs wife and godric and she leaves to go to her fathers as they believe hugh was having an afair with her

  13. I reckon that Janna should fall in love with someone else makinghugh really jealous or Janna ends up being a bareness because of her father and mabye her father exepts her and tricks her into almost marrying a rich suitor making her father rich but Hugh saves the day either way i reckon Janna should end up with Hugh

  14. I reckon Janna should marry Godric because while the others do have feelings for her and she for them, Godric has always been there for her. yes he has been a little mean and argumentative with her in the past, but what's love without a few bumps along the way? Though hugh likes her, it is obvious in the second book – since i haven't had the opportunity to read the third – that godric likes her best. i mean, how many times can you save someone's life before they fall in love with you. I don't know, I just think Godric and Janna would be a good combo and while hugh will also be good for her, it shows that a man doesn't have to be rich or have a title to marry someone. Please let her marry Godric – they're friends, kind of, so it will be good if they become something more

  15. Argh, why do so many people prefer Hugh to Godric? No offence, but I really don't get it. Hugh's always seemed like a bit of a jerk to me.

    I'm not much of a reader, but I love the Janna Mysteries. And though I've only read the first two books so far, I support Janna with Godric all the way.

    So now I'm kinda apprehensive about reading the rest of the series, if Janna's gonna end up with Hugh… 🙁

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