I’m learning so many new things going the publishing route through CreateSpace. The latest is to create a VBT (video book trailer) which will be used to promote the Janna Mysteries. I’ve sent them info about the series and a proposed script, and I’ve just received THEIR proposed script (which is terrific) along with their suggested images, music and voices to accompany the presentation. Awesome!! So now it’s decision time – which images, which music, which voice, which style … and my thanks to Laurine Croasdale for her input. I’m so excited to see this all taking shape – but I HATE making decisions! Also my thanks to you all for your enthusiastic response to the new Jannas, for book sales, and for all your fb, blog and email messages of support. I am truly delighted that the Jannas are ‘out there’ and on sale at last. Watch this space for news of the VBT.


  1. Book trailers are good. Some of my students are doing them and I'd like to show them in Book Week. The only thing is, you can't put them up on YouTube unless you have copyright-free images, music, etc. And copyright-free doesn't necessarily mean royalty-free, and my students can't pay, so we have to search out sites where people have given permission to use their work free. There are some, but they're not always useful for what we want. We're working on it! 🙂
    All the best with your trailer.

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