Today on my walk around the oval I saw a mother teaching her young daughter how to ride a bike. They were on the grassy area in the centre of the oval – difficult terrain for a learner bike-rider. Many times the mother held on to her and ran a few steps with her before letting go, urging her to ‘move those legs, pedal faster’ and so on. The child did her best, but inevitably the bike would wobble and fall. The little girl knew what to do; she just lacked the confidence to go fast enough to keep her balance. But mother and daughter persevered and, by the time I’d finished my laps, she was starting to get the hang of it. My New Year wish for you: may you ride through the year with joy, no matter how difficult the road ahead may seem. May you stay confident, pedal faster and, with a smile on your face, achieve your dreams, no matter how ‘impossible’ they may seem.

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