It’s amazing how the universe conspires to help you, to send you the right person, or book (or both) just when you most need them. I recently wrote a piece on my experience of publishing with createspace for Newswrite, published by the NSW Writers Centre. As a result, the very kind and generous Serene Conneeley got in touch with me, with a whole lot of all sorts of useful information to do with publishing and marketing the new Janna Mysteries. She also, in an incredibly generous gesture, sent me copies of her own marvellous books, which you might like to check out on her website: I know these books will serve and inspire me in days and months to come, particularly Seven Sacred Sites which ties in directly with my next project after I’ve finished Hearts in Chains. My heartfelt thanks to a truly generous and inspirational new friend.

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  1. Congratulations Felicity! It's been a long wait, about 6 years for me since the I read Rosemary for Rememberence. I was in highschool when i came across the first two books in the Janna Mysteries and ive been hooked and anticipating how Janna's journey will culminate ever since! I'm now finishing off my masters at university and at 22 years of age, I still find myself wanting to know what became of these inspiring characters! I have bought the 5th book on amazon/kindle and plan on buying the 6th in the next few days. Thank you, and all the best!

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