Greetings to you all, and once again my thanks for your continuing messages of support for the Janna Mysteries. I truly appreciate hearing from you. One lovely fan has asked what readers can do to help with getting the series published. The only answer really is: buy more books. Tell your friends about the series, encourage them to buy the books and read them. Encourage your school and local librarians to stock the series. Suggest to your teachers that reading the Janna Mysteries while studying the middle ages in history is one of the BEST and most painless ways of learning about life in medieval time! That’s because, as Janna travels from forest to farm to abbey to town and in the company with jongleurs and pilgrims and also (finally) with members of the royal household, so readers get a glimpse of every different aspect of medieval life – and it’s all historically accurate. (As well as being a good, page-turning read!) So, maybe I can recruit you all as my ambassadors – to spread the word, to get it out there?? And let’s see what happens. Many thanks.


  1. please please please
    let this one be the last novel in the series as i love them so much and hate having to wait for the next one to come out. i just cant wait to find out what will happen to janna next. It drives me nuts:P

  2. i really can`t wait to read your latest book, the janna mysteries is the series that i love VERY MUCH! i really hope it will be published as soon as possible!!!:)

  3. Dear Miss Pulman,

    Would you be able to tell me when your book ‘Sage For Sanctuary’ will be out in Australia?

    Regards from your loyal reader,

  4. I love the Janna series can’t wait till the next book is out. I really really hope it will be published soon!!!!!!!!

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