So many of you have been emailing me to ask what’s going to happen in the next Janna Mystery and also ask when it will be coming out. I answered, in good faith, that I hoped Book 5 would be published next year (2009). Yes, there are lots of questions still to be answered before Janna completes her quest, and yes, they’ll be covered in Books 5 & 6 (Sage for Sanctuary and Thyme for Trust.) I’m working on Book 6 at the moment, but unfortunately my publishers have told me that they have no plans to publish any more of the series at present (because of disappointing book sales.) This is really disappointing for me as well as for all of you who love the series and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Let me just say that I am chasing opportunities overseas and I’ll keep you posted via my blog. In the meantime, I am so sorry as I feel I’m letting everyone down, even though this is not my decision. I believe in Janna and in her quest, and I’m going to do my best to finish the series in the hope that one day you’ll be able to read the series to its conclusion. Meanwhile, thank you for writing to let me know how much you’re enjoying the Janna Mysteries; it’s your faith in Janna’s journey that encourages me to keep on writing the series, and I won’t give up on it.


  1. does that mean that there is no gurantee that the 5th and 6th books will be pulished?? oh Ms Pulman i hope you are able to publish them i am dying to find out about Jannas father, and i hope Janna and Hugh go together…

  2. Thanks so much to all of you for your emails and blog comments about the latest Janna news. It’s absolutely heart-warming to know how much you care about Janna’s quest, and I promise you I shall do everything in my power to have the last two books published. Flick Pulman

  3. I can’t believe this! I have to know if her father returns. I so hope that they are published. If nothing else is there a chance they will be produced as an e-book?

  4. I was really anticipating the 5th book in the series! When it gets released I’ll be sure to by it instead of borrowing it from the library 🙂
    I hope you’ll be able to publish the final book as well, I dislike leaving things unfinished!

  5. I have just started to read “Janna Mysteries about two months ago and can’t stop reading it. I am struggling to get book 4 but am trying every thing to get it. hope u can finish the series, it is a great story.

  6. I really hope they can come out, i have read up to the forth one and cannot wait til number five!!!
    I really hope Hugh comes back into the books!!!

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