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Having posed the question in my last blog as to the ‘real’ nature of King Arthur, today I want to share with you some of the Arthurian sites I visited while researching my Arthurian novels.DSCN0781

To the far left is a map of ‘King Arthur’s Britain’.

Left is ‘King Arthur’s Round Table’ that hangs in the Great Hall at Winchester. It bears the names of all the knights of the Round Table, but the portrait of ‘King Arthur’ bears a marked resemblance to Henry VIII! The table itself dates back to the 13th or early 14th century.

Arthurian sites_0006The ruins of an old Roman amphitheatre at Caerleon in Wales, said to be the original ‘Round Table’. The ruins are quite extensive and well worth a visit.

Below:  The ruins of Tintagel Castle (dating to the 13th century) where Arthur was supposedly conceived and born. The castle was built on the ruins of a stronghold used by the rulers of Dumnonia in the 5th-6th century when Tintagel was an important Dark Ages trading post.

Arthurian sites_0003Look out for more photographs, including Morgana’s ‘scrying pool’ in my blog tomorrow!


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