I spent a wonderful day yesterday at Prairiewood High School out at Wetherill Park, presenting three fantasy-writing workshops to selected students from Years 7 – 11. It’s always a challenge to get through everything I would like to do within the time constraints – but we managed to gallop through ‘otherworld’ scenarios, creating characters, magical objects, magical creatures and the journey to achieve a quest – whew! Thanks to teachers and students for making me so welcome; I enjoyed the day very much. (But I always come home from school visits with the greatest respect for teachers who front up for ‘show time’ every single day!! It’s exhausting.)
Now that my last visit is done, I’m back editing Janna 5 (almost finished) after which I’ll get on to #6. Meanwhile I’m waiting to see the roughs for the proposed covers for the last two books – it’s all happening!

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