DSCN0875The Janna Chronicles are set in medieval England in the 1140s, at the time of the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda.  Janna’s search for her unknown father as part of her quest to avenge her mother’s death takes her from forest to farm, abbey, Stonehenge, Sarum (Sarisberie), Oxford,  and right into the heart of the royal court in Winchester. To coincide with the monthly releases of the series, as from January, I’m putting photographs on Pinterest of some of the sites I visited and the places I’ve used as a setting for each book. Please look for The Janna Chronicles on Pinterest if you’d like to follow Janna’s journey and (as I did) walk in her footsteps along the way. Here’s the link:  http://bit.ly/1AGzIVl.  And here’s a taste of one of the photographs: the ancient preacher’s cross at ‘Berford’ (now known as Barford St Martin) where worshippers would celebrate the Mass with a visiting priest before the existing church was built. This is where Janna and her mother used to worship before the new church was built and Janna’s mother Eadgyth, the local wortwyf and healer, had a falling out with the priest – with devastating consequences.

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