It’s been a hectic few weeks, with visits to some great schools over Book Week: Wenona, Pittwater House, Mosman High and SCEGGS Redlands, as well as a wonderful day spent at Kincumber High School in Gosford. The CBCA lunch on board the ferry with hundreds of students was also fun. I sat with some really interesting students from St Joan of Ark who, as well as being good company, were also clever enough to be short-listed in the short film competition for ‘Loud Laura’ – you go, girls! Sunday was spent with other authors at the Australian Museum in Sydney, and I’ve now just been online for a chat with a school in Queensland. In among I’ve been judging short stories for a competition run by the Quarantine Station in Sydney with the History Week theme of Scandals, Crime and Corruption. Lots of ghosts and fantasy, really good imagination and highly entertaining reads – it was hard to pick the winners. I’ll be presenting prizes at the Quarantine Station Open Day at 1 pm on Saturday 5th so, if you’re around and want to visit a really creepy and fascinating place, come and join a tour of the Station and please also come and say hi.
I also want to thank you all so much for your input into Janna’s future and also your messages of encouragement. At last I have time to go back to the computer and, partly in light of your comments, I’m now reworking both books 5 & 6 and loving being back in medieval time again. I’ve realised how very important it is that she gets the right guy and that you’re all happy with her choice!!!


  1. Yeah, I'm with Belle. Hugh sounds so…i'm sorry, i can't even describe him, haha. 😛 Anyway, I hope you get them published soon and what ended up happening with the publisher in America i think?Is there any new progress?
    Keep up the blog!! I check it every chance i get 😛

  2. lol i agree with belle and kira..hugh just sounds so dreamy and you describe him perfectly
    best of luck with getting the books published and keep us posted 🙂
    kathleen xx

  3. Hey Kathlene, i was about to say dreamy, but i thought that it didn't fit all the catagories haha, anyway, yeah best of luck Felicity!

  4. NO way I'm with Godric,
    Godric always looked after her and Hugh doubted her and was like flirty with lots of girls and he is really stuck up. But she kinda goes for that type will you know the other guy in book 4. I think she actually loves Godric to because in book 3 & 4 it was always Hugh the Godric but by the end of book 3 it was Godric then Hugh because she was so jealous of that other girl. I think she knows who whe truelly loves and it might not be the person we want but then live isn't always what we want somehow you'll make it right. Like a puzzle!!
    Hope the books published soon!!

  5. Hugh ftw (:

    But its entirely up to you (the author) in the end. I'm sure we, as the audience would ultimately like whatever coupling happens as long as it is a happy ending (happy endings are over-rated, but it'd still make us feel happier, compared to a sad ending)~

    Good luck and all the best! I hope you find a publisher soon! I can't believe it's been a few years since I've picked up the first Janna book (and I'm almost out of high school!).

  6. Christine, I started the Janna books in year 12 at high school, now I'm in my first year of uni. Hell can't wait for the last two. Good luck Felicity!!

  7. PLEASe please let it be Godric…. Sorry to all you who support hugh but i really think that would be to cliche` for the girl to get the noble, important man.
    Book 2 was my favourite cause of the lill godric+Janna scenes.
    One of my favourite series atm and on my list for christmas!

  8. it has to be Godric- he always stayed by her side, protected her and even put his WHOLE life on hold for HER! and even after turning him down, again and again, he always loved her while theres just a side of Hugh i find "iffy". You never know what his true feelings are while he flirts with other girls and doubts Janna. i say, 'go get stuffed Hugh!'
    and i quote from one of my besties: 'theres something not quite right with the hugh dude…mabey it's his age…mabe it's overall iffyness…'
    direct quote (pommy even wrote it herself)
    and for all those girls who side with Hugh, i have to say, i instantly know what sort of girl you are.. be warned *raises eyebrow*… or not…

    reading article my cause offense, if this is so, then "SO-RR-Y!' Its not my fault i put this warning at the end! *subtitle end*

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