I love getting your emails about the Janna Mysteries, but the question you always ask and which is hardest to answer is ‘When is the next book coming out?’ The short answer is: I don’t know. I met with my publishers this week and they are still waiting to see how sales figures are going before they’ll commit to publishing Sage for Sanctuary, Book 5 of The Janna Mysteries.
I know, from your emails, that those of you who are reading the series, absolutely love the books. So I guess, if you want to keep following Janna’s quest, you need to encourage your friends to buy and read the books, and make Random House very happy with the book sales!
Book 5 is already written, and it’s an absolute ripper! All sorts of unexpected things happen to Janna, and while part of her quest is fulfilled, her personal life tips into chaos. You’ll enjoy it, I know. And I hope you’ll get to read it next year; I’m just sorry I can’t give you a definite publishing date.
Spread the word, buy the books, and I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I LURV the Janna mysteries!!!! They are AWSOME! Can't wait for the next book. Hope it comes out real soon! I think it should be published NOW if it is finished, but I'm prepared to wait. <(^.^)>


  3. i love your series.. i know you probably have heard that a hundreds time. but i just thought i d tell u again 🙂 p.s i hope janan and janna be together.. i think would be great together and i cant wait to meet jannas father anyway im writing an essay.. btw HI to all the Janna fans..

  4. I love the janna mysteries!!
    I bought willows for weeping yesterday and im already finished it!
    Im convincing all my friends to read the series too.
    Hopefully you can get the 5th book published soon!! (i cant wait!)

  5. Thanks so much for your comments and messages of support. I’m certainly going to do my best to have the whole series published – I promise! flick pulman

  6. hey can’t wait for the next book to get published i am itching to know about what Janna’s farther is like and i hope Janna and Hugh get together. I hop you can get it published soon can’t wait.

  7. hey Felicity. i absolutly love the Jana Mysteries and cannot wait for sage for sancuary? i think to come out.i really want Godric and Jana to be togeather. all my friends have read the book and they all agree with me that its one of the best reads yet. iv’e just finished willowes for weeping which proved yet again to being another great novel by you. i pray that the 5th book will be released in NZ soon. -charm

  8. Hey is there any more news about Janna? And i really hope that janna and hugh end up together. But if they dont, can i have him? lols. plz try and get it published soon!! Im obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. :)!!!!! i agree with 'charm' that janna and hugh should be together coz janna said she would once she found her dad.
    luv the janna mysteries!!!

  10. Does anyone know how many books in all there are going to be? Do we get to find that out? I recently re-read the whole series and am once again itching to know more…

  11. first i love you books…. i read them every year or so… everytime i read it i always get something out of it…. i got the 4th book for my 16th (when it first came out) and ive been waiting ever since to read the 5th…..i dont know how to explain to you how deep i get into your books its great…. i just cant wait till the next book comes out…

  12. YES!! im so glad its been written!!! not long to go now!! *fingers crossed* i love yur series! my best friend and i are waiting anxiously for book 5!!!!

  13. Ive been waiting sooo long! I CANT BELIEVE ITS NEAR!!!!! XD
    i looooove the series and i cant wait for the 5th book to come out! Best regards to you, Felicity! 🙂
    I love your books!!

  14. I really love the Janna Mysteries- partly because my name is Janna- but even if it wasnt i think it would still be wicked!! i have 4 sisters and all of them have read the books. Hope the next one comes out soon!

  15. I absolutely adore the Janna series Felicity, as well as your other literary works! I have been anticipating the culmination of Janna's adventure ever since Rosemary for Rememberence came out! Please update us with any news you may have regarding book 5 as it has been a while since you've updated and i can't seem to find any information about release dates etc. Keep up the amazing work and I hope that i'll be reading the latest installment in the very near future! Regards!

  16. i love the series! please get book 5 out! i realllyyy want to read and find out what happens with jannas father and if she chooses godric or hugh! keep up the good work!

  17. I abousoultely love the Jana mysteries series it is exiting and once you start reading you cant put it down hope book 5 comes out soon.I CANT WAIT!!! I love the series and is prouberly the best i have ever read.

  18. i absoutley looove the series and am really keen for the next one to come out! keeeep up the good work and i reallly look forward to reading the next book, just please get it out for the readers!

  19. I LOVE the Janna Mysteries, I found the series in a library a few years ago and read them to death and I finally got my own copies (for Christmas) and they are already showing wear and tear 😛

    You NEED to get Sage for Sanctuary out ASAP! I (and many others) need to know what happens to Janna, you can't just leave us hanging like this. Change publishers if you have to? Show your publisher this thread? Just get it out here! 🙂

    I love your work and your writing is an inspiration to me, especially with my own works 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with the world.

  20. I agree, you really must publish Sage for Sanctuary and Thyme for Trust already! I've been waiting 3 years to find out what happens to Janna! I fell in love with this series the moment I read Rosemary for Remeberence, it's gripping, exciting, romantic, everything an amazing novel should be! I'm tired of waiting, if I could publish these books I would! I don't even know why it's taking so long? The first 4 novels were amazing. Maybe they just needs to be advertised better? Perhaps a cover change? I don't know, but I do wish you much luck and hope to buy them in the very near future.

  21. Hey Felicity! I just wanted to say that my mum and I really enjoy your books. I really really hope that number 5 comes out. I noticed that this website post was made a few years ago, and most of the comments. Did the book not end up getting published straight away? Here’s hoping it will soon. 🙂

    • Hi Selah,
      Thanks for your message. I’m so pleased you and your mum have enjoyed reading the Janna Mysteries, and I can confirm there are two new books to finish the series: book 5: Sage for Sanctuary and book 6 Thyme for Trust. Both these books are on sale as either paperbacks or as ebooks from http://www.amazon.com I really hope you enjoy finishing Janna’s quest! all the best to you both.

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