IN answer to a question just in from one of the students I spoke to at Manly West about why I set Ghost Boy at the Quarantine Station: I wanted to write about ghosts and about knowledge travelling through time – but first I had to find my ghost! When I read about the smallpox epidemic at the QS and what a muddle everything was there, it seemed like a great (and creepy) setting for a novel (as anyone knows who has visited the QS.) Because the station wasn’t properly run, it was easy to create a family mystery with Tad and his little brother, and for Tad to disappear. And it explains Froggy’s drowning dreams and why he had to summon up all his courage to solve the mystery.


  1. Hi Felicity,

    It's me Tahneisha from Manly West. I haven't spoken to you in a long time!! Guess what!! My class just finished ghost boy!! I loved it. Anyway I hope your going well also have you heard the ghost story that happened at the quarantine station? One more thing…I think the creepiest place at the quarantine station is the hospital, the house where the ghost story happened and the other house up the top of the hill where all the graves are. What place creeps you out.

    Thank you
    Tahneisha 😀

    P.S I'm not at school today because I am sick. :[

  2. Hi Tahneisha,
    I'm sorry to hear you're sick today; I hope you feel better tomorrow – well enough to go to school!! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Ghost Boy. There are a lot of ghost stories associated with the Quarantine Station; one of the guides has even written a book telling those stories. I think the creepiest place of all is the shower block – but that wasn't built at the time of the smallpox epidemic that I wrote about. It certainly is a place with LOTS of atmosphere! Regards, Felicity Pulman

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