I’ve just been reading a new book titled From Quarantine to Q Station: Honouring the Past, Securing the Future, which starts with a fascinating insight into Aboriginal settlement on North Head and goes through the earliest days of quarantine in Sydney to the station’s metamorphosis as a ‘world class tourist destination with hotel facilities under the management of the Mawlands group. I’ve tried to upload the cover in various forms but apparently it exceeds the maximum upload size – so will try to put it up on fb instead. To the left is a photo of the old autoclaves which were used to steam sterilise everything from silk garments to furniture! I was immensely chuffed to read (under Enthralling Activities and the Education Program for Schools) that the most popular program to date is the tour based on my novel Ghost Boy which ‘takes students on two time-zone journeys that contrast the past with the present’, and which also encourages them to consider topics such as early immigration, the early treatment of disease and medical practice, class structure and racism.

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