Life’s been pretty busy since I got back from my writing fellowship in Adelaide. I’ve been working hard on Hearts in Chains and plan to go to Norfolk Island at the end of August for a research trip – I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to meeting and talking to students on the island when I visit the school there. Meantime I’m off to the snow for a few days and then I’ll have a week at Broken Hill talking to students at two schools and running workshops for budding writers, and also taking part in a ‘murder mystery night’. I’ve never been to one before and it sounds like great fun. Now I just have to work out what I can wear to fit in with the 1920s theme! So if there’s anyone in Broken Hill reading this, please come and say hello. I’m going to be at two high schools (but I don’t know which ones as yet). You can also contact me through the library at Broken Hill.
I had hoped to have news of the future of #5 & 6 of the Janna Mysteries by now but I’m afraid it’s all taking much longer than I’d hoped. So I’m wondering about putting the last two books on line. What do you think?? I’d be interested to hear your comments.
School’s back for most of you; hope you’re enjoying the start of the new term.

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