I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post! But good things have been happening on the writing scene, although I’ll say up front that I’m still waiting on a word from the agent regarding the Janna Mysteries. However, Random House have now put Ghost Boy and the Shalott trilogy onto their Print on Demand (POD) programme, which means they’ll always be available for order – which is great. I love to think those books will never go out of print.
Other good news: my short story Tracking the Past is now published and will be available in schools from 2010 (Year 7s take note! This is for you.) Tracking the Past is part of the Picture This anthology published by Pearson Education, and you’ll also find other stories from wonderful writers like Catherine Bateson, Anita Bell, Paul Collins, Simon Higgins, Michael Pryor and a whole lot more. I also have a short (adult) story, Jungle Juice, in the latest issue of the sci-fi fantasy Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. YAY!
Another short story, The Bee Keeper, also for adults, has just won the Special Section in the Queen of Crime award sponsored by Partners in Crime, Sydney.
I was at the beach yesterday helping with the surf sports day for my granddaughter’s school. It reminds me that summer is here and school holidays are about to start. Have a wonderful festive season, enjoy the holidays and I wish you all the very best in 2010.


  1. I was just wondering about a particular aspect of Ghost Boy, which was whether the beach that Tad, Froggy and Cassie visit is real or whether it is a combination of Washaway Beach and one around the headland, right near the path? The reason the I was wondering is because I live very near both, and I was curious after reading the book for the second time whether it was real. I understand that it is highly ulikely for the cave to be real but I was wondering if the beach was.
    Thank you

  2. Hi 'Anonymous'
    Yes, I can see you know the area! I had North Harbour reserve in mind for the BBQ where Froggy and Cassie's family first get together, but you're right: I made up the cave and also the beach. In my mind, I placed the cave somewhere close to Reef Beach, which is more accessible than Washaway – but either will do. All that coastline is riddled with little coves and caves. Some students have also asked me if Froggy jumped off 'Jump Rock' – actually, I didn't know about Jump Rock when I wrote the novel. I just had the image of Froggy being chased through the bush (at Dobroyd Head) until he could go no further, with the choice of either facing Jake and his mates, or jumping.
    Have a great Christmas and enjoy the school holidays! All the best, Flick Pulman

  3. Hi,
    Yes, the reason I know the area is because I live within 200m of Tania Park on Dobroyd Head! Thanks again for answering my question.

  4. Hi,
    I love the Janna mysteries books and really hope that you get them published in the upcomming year. Also, congratulations on Ghost Boy and the Shalott trilogy being put on the Print on Demand list.

    I hope you have a wonderful christmas!

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