Guess you’re back at school again, but hope you all enjoyed your holidays and made the most of late summer and a last surf or swim. Brrr … it’s freezing today. Just back from a weekend retreat with the Society of Women Writers, which was great. Lots of listening to writers talking about their craft, and lots of good workshops – including one on magic and fantasy which I was asked to run. We all had fun playing with magical objects and creating fantastic and magical creatures in interesting scenarios. It was at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in WILTON – yes! Can you believe it?? This is Wilton NSW not Wilton UK – but I shall be back visiting Wilton UK shortly, and I can’t wait. We’re also going to Winchester, which is where Janna needs to find work in #5 (Sage for Sanctuary)and also find shelter during the siege of Winchester. We’re going to York too; it also has an interesting past (think Wars of the Roses), a beautiful cathedral and a medieval street to explore.
I’m getting so many questions coming in about Janna and Hugh; you all seem dead keen for them to wind up together. all I can say is … there’s a lot of surprises to come. I’m afraid I’m still waiting for news about future publishing but I really REALLY hope that you’ll be able to finish Janna’s quest one day.

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