The Janna Mysteries are now out of print.

A new version of this highly acclaimed and award-winning medieval murder mystery series has been rewritten with an adult fiction market in mind, and The Janna Chronicles will be published and released by Momentum Books Australia, one every month, as from mid-January 2015. For more information, please go to separate pages for each title:

  1. Blood Oath
  2. Stolen Child
  3. Unholy Murder
  4. Pilgrim of Death
  5. Devil’s Brew
  6. Day of Judgment

Please note that the series will still be suitable for a YA readership.

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After the siege of Winchestre in 1141, Janna is overjoyed to finally meet her father but soon realises the threat she poses to her new family when an attempt to poison her goes awry. Spiteful tricks follow until, fearing for her safety, Janna persuades her father to take her to Oxeneford where King Stephen has the Empress Matilda under siege and victory within his grasp. Once again Janna risks her life in the empress’s cause, which put her at odds with her father until she confides the truth: that her mother was poisoned and she needs his help to bring a murderer to justice. They journey to Wiltune where Janna’s father loses no time in securing the king’s consent for Janna to marry one of his barons. Janna is desperate to persuade her father to let her marry the man she loves but, to her horror, she discovers that he has been accused of murder. With her future happiness at stake, Janna has one last crime to solve – until the siege of Wiltune turns her life upside down and changes everything.

The Janna Mysteries are listed on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Thyme for Trust: “A satisfying end to a much-loved series …The very best of young adult reading, and very enjoyable for many an adult reader too!” Dr Crisetta Macleod.
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  • Rosemary For Remembrance – Janna lives at the edge of a forest in medieval England. Her whole world turns upside down following the death of her mother.
  • Rue For Repentance – Driven from her home and disguised as a youth, Janna seeks refuge at a manor farm only to find her heart and her safety under threat following a series of ‘accidents’.
  • Lilies For Love – Lilies for Love. On the run and in fear of her life, Janna seeks refuge at Wiltune Abbey. But love, danger and mysteries follow close behind. What secret does her father’s letter hold, if only she can learn how to read it? Can the mysterious stranger asking questions about Janna be linked to the stabbing of the lord Hugh at St Edith’s fair? Who is destroying a precious manuscript, and what is the significance of the lilies left at the saint’s shrine? A chance meeting with the Empress Matilda helps to secure Janna’s loyalty to her cause – with grave consequences for Janna’s future.
  • Willows For Weeping – ‘Death follows you.’ An old woman’s prediction haunts Janna as she travels to Ambresberie with a group of pilgrims, hoping to discover the truth about her mother. But a letter discovered on the body of a dead man takes Janna to murder at Stonehenge and a crime to solve. At stake are Janna’s happiness and the success of her quest to find her unknown father, a quest that seems close to fulfilment after a charismatic pilgrim joins their party and offers his help. A man’s life hangs in the balance as Janna is forced to choose between loyalty to the Empress Matilda and what she most desires.
  • Sage For Sanctuary – 1141 AD, and Winchestre is ablaze in the bitter civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. The mystery of Janna’s birth and her mother’s death have put her own life (and her heart) in danger. Proof of her identity is lost when her purse is stolen; she must work as a lowly drudge in a tavern to support herself while she tries to locate her unknown father. When sabotage threatens the tavern’s future, Janna has another mystery to solve and a decision to make that will jeopardise her relationship with everyone she loves and values.

Wilton House, stately home of the Earl of Pembroke, which stands on the site of Wiltune Abbey.