When Guinevere summons Callie back to Camelot, Callie becomes trapped in time while her companions face Mordred on the bloody battlefield of Camlann. Callie’s future depends on saving a child, but death waits in the darkness for all of them unless she can first save herself.

In the last novel of the Shalott trilogy, Callie and her companions finally come to understand the true nature of their quest to Camelot – a quest that brings Arthurian legend into present time, with consequences for Callie’s future and the future of the world.

Shalott: The Final Journey was commended in the Society of Women Writers 2003 Book of the Year Award in the Young Adult Reader category.

Why I wrote the book?

Writing this trilogy was actually a lesson in how NOT to write a trilogy. You really should know, before you start, how your story is going to end. I thought I did, but I didn’t, and it was only when I’d finished Return to Shalott that I suddenly understood the REAL reason why Callie had gone back to Camelot. Not so much to save the Lady of Shalott, not to fall in love with Lancelot (although that’s what Callie did) but to rescue a child. The future, as well as Callie’s happiness, depends on it – but first, Callie has to overcome the greatest danger and heartache of all.

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