My heart goes out to all those who have lost homes and businesses in our recent floods, and I wish them courage and good fortune in the days and weeks ahead. But oh, what joy to see the sun yesterday after all those days of teeming rain and howling winds. My usual path through the bush was awash so had to stick to the streets, so thought I’d share a couple of photos from past walks. This first pic was taken up at Tania Park some months ago when I was in the middle of rewriting/revising my Shalott trilogy. As I walked around the loop I was mulling over one of the characters, Morgan le Fay, who is able to cross time and space in the form of a raven. While this is a magpie, it still gave me both inspiration and an affirmation of what I’ve been doing. The second pic is a bush turkey – rampant now that the NPWS have been fox baiting for several years. There’s a HUGE nest that I walk past, and always a turkey patrolling somewhere about in the nesting season, ready to escort me ‘off the premises’ lest I have designs on its eggs!

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